When news it is often the first, the biggest, the most and so on. Which city itself Holland's oldest may call, has for years been the subject of discussion. Two cities fight for the title: Dordrecht and Geertruidenberg.

The debate in recent years a few times flared, but has a peak in 2011. Geertruidenberg Announces than even to go to the television Propelled Judge. Which must once and for all decide the battle. Maar zover komt het niet.

County Holland 1350 (afbeelding: Wikipedia)

County Holland 1350 (afbeelding: Wikipedia)

Geertruidenberg is not a place in North Brabant, near the A27? That's right. How can that be the oldest city in Holland? Very simple. Until the St. Elisabeth flood in 1421 our region looked different, also topographically. And we mean really quite different. Rivers run differently and Holland is much larger.

Geertruidenberg also located in the County of Holland, just on the border of Brabant. Because in Brabant towns are pretty growing, gets in the town 1213 market right, part of city rights. "And that's seven years earlier than Dordrecht", Vice Mayor says Ruud van den Belt of Geertruidenberg.

The discussion was initiated after Mayor Arno Brok of Dordrecht 2011 had said during the national arrival of Sinterklaas against the saintly: "Welcome to the oldest city in Holland".

It seems to the outsider is not so important, but, according to Deputy Mayor Van den Belt is still a serious matter. This would mean the granting of market rights which Geertruidenberg 2013 exactly 800 years ago, was elevated.


View of Dordrecht (afbeelding RTV Rijnmond)

Dordt has always presented itself as the oldest city in Holland. The city created in the twelfth century on the river Thure. The village is first mentioned around 1048, at the Battle of Thuredrecht (the later Dordrecht).

The trading village on the Merwede river grows steadily. In 1220 Dordrecht was granted city status. That year is always held in Dordrecht as a foundation date of the city.

"This is my decision, and there will have to live with '
Up to Hilversum so to fight this. The creators of the Judge-propelled let 2011 know that any discussion with representatives of both cities to see if there is a real case can be made. Both municipalities have already promised to participate in the show of Mr.. Frank Visser.

But a broadcast of the final will not. The Jubilee Year (2013) Geertruidenberg goes without broadcasting over.

Henk 't Jong

Henk 't Jong (afbeelding RTV Rijnmond)

A year later shows why. Henk 't Jong, historian in Dordrecht, comes with incontrovertible evidence. The oldest document of Dordrecht, coming uit februari 1200, are already talking about townspeople and Aldermen. "If you had Aldermen, then you were a city ", says' t Jong. "It was a kind of council, that of the Count of Holland laws could make. "Dordrecht has therefore already in the year 1200 though certain city rights.

Geertruidenberg be older impossible, according to him, says' t Jong. "The oldest pieces in which spoken for the first time on dating Gertruydenberg 1213. This shows that it was a village. "His conclusion is resolute: "No doubt about it. Dordrecht is the oldest city. "

Playful action
In Geertruidenberg laconically commented on the late outcome of two years ago by the Brabant cranked discussion: "You have to see it as a playful action from us, who was then mainly intended to draw attention to our 800th anniversary ", says a spokesperson for the municipality.

That's pretty well, as dozens of media paid attention to the twist. "We have no need to comment further on", says the municipal spokesperson.

"What cowardly", responds Henk 't Jong. "First you go messing with your history and now I hear this. I can have a little laugh. But no more than that. "