Feyenoord is in 1970 het beste clubteam van Europa. Geen brug lijkt te ver voor de Rotterdammers. Until UT Arad as an elephant with a long snout ends the tale. The Romanian county club switches incensed team of miracle trainer Ernst Happel in the first round of the European Cup. Three weeks earlier Feyenoord crowned the best club in the world.

Glasses from Joop van Daele
Op 9 September struggling Feyenoord in the Kuip own along the rough playing Estudiantes de la Plata from Argentina. The first leg in Buenos Aires was ended in a handsome 2-2 draw. And so should be the job done in-house. This also happens. Joop van Daele makes a pegel 1-0 and that is the final. Immediately after the goal an angry Argentine grabs Van Daele of glasses and breaks it in half;. Feyenoord world.

"A nulletje or four '
Exactly one week later received the Rotterdam Romanian champions FC UTA Arad. Feyenoord is not worried. A year ago, Feyenoord played against Iceland's Reykjavik in the first round of the European Cup. Van Hanegem et al. left no skimmer whole of Icelanders: 12-2 en 4-0. A similar scenario is conceivable against the Eastern Bloc, think both the media and coach Happel. The Austrian has seen the Romanians in their own home games and they owe him quite disappointing. He expects "a nulletje or four" against the six-time champion.

The Romanian club football is at the beginning of the seventies little respect and no European has achieved impressive results yet. In addition, FC UTA Arad has a provincial image by all players working in the same factory. De club is in 1945 started as a factory club.

David en Goliath

De spelers van UT Arad (Roemenië) komen aan op vliegveld Zestienhoven. Foto: Eric Koch, Nationaal Archief

The players of FC UTA Arad (Roemenië) arrive at airport Zestienhoven. Foto: Eric Koch, Nationaal Archief

UT Arad coach Nicolae Dimitrescu crawls across the Dutch press only too happy in the role of underdog. "We come here as tourists", he somewhat jokingly told the newspaper Het Vrije Volk when he one day before the race arrives in the Netherlands with his team. And of course both clubs in many ways David and Goliath. UT Arad for the first time takes part in the European Cup. The club has only played three games with artificial light. They take the day before the match plenty of time to get used to the lights at De Kuip.

On Wednesday evening 16 September shows that Romanians have done their homework. The Rotterdam football temple does not change in a shooting gallery with eleven of FC UTA Arad as decor piece. The contest ends on 60.000 spectators in 1-1 and Feyenoord still lucky that the goalie a shot by Wim Jansen let slip through his hands. Television Commentator Koen Verhoeff startled even some of the blunder and present: "And it's a goal. Nou, new, new, new. A miraculous goal from Wim Jansen. "

bad luck

Ove Kindvall (Feyenoord) haalt uit tegen UT Arad, maar mist. Het blijft 1-1. Foto: Eric Koch, Nationaal Archief

Ove kindvall (Feyenoord) lashes out against UT Arad, but fog. It stays 1-1. Foto: Eric Koch, Nationaal Archief

Feyenoord also has bad luck. Na 25 minutes the 1-1 on the scoreboard and succeed in the remaining time not to walk out on the Romanians. The happiness and the lack finesse to find a hole in the solid defense of the guests. Even striker ove kindvall and Supersub Van Daele know not to break the spell.

"There is no reason to panic. This opponent we tackle ", afterwards are the strong words of Happel. His players believe that after the game the same about. Although there are slight doubt arose among fans and in the media, Is not the prevailing idea that the struggling pig can be washed in Romania. It is unthinkable that the first Dutch winner of the Cup with the Big Ears will be turned off by a football dwarf.

It is, incidentally happened before that the champion is already flying out in the first round. It happened already in Celtic 1967. First won it the first British club cup by Internazionale with 2-1 glorious defeat. The European season it took just two games for the Scots because Dinamo Kiev was too strong. As UT Arad took Dinamo Kiev as well as for the first time in the European kampioenenbal.

General repetitie

Doelman Gornea van UT Arad (Roemenië) is zo blij na de uitschakeling van Feyenoord dat hij een handstand doet op het veld. Foto: Nationaal Archief

Goalkeeper Gornea of ​​FC UTA Arad (Roemenië) is so happy after the elimination of Feyenoord he does a handstand on the field. Foto: Nationaal Archief

Feyenoord before the return match against FC UTA Arad plays, acts the club sloppy in competition. The Rotterdam do not win MVV and ADO. Poor general gets its sequel in Romania. Op woensdag 30 UT Arad September makes the sensation complete. The best club in the world is disabled by a team that is forced to play in the afternoon for lack of light poles.

An unfocused and nervous playing Feyenoord knows how to hit the return game again no gap in the strong Romanian defense. The game ends in a bloodless 0-0 and that is not enough after the earlier 1-1 in Rotterdam. "An embarrassment", Happel confesses with a face of a Thunderstorm. Striker Henk Wery slides off for kicking the blame on German referee and calls him in the catacombs a rotmof '. Feyenoord lose that afternoon many of the previously acquired shine.

For the Romanians, it is a big party that would last long into the night. Fans and players can not believe their luck and are delirious with joy. They put their club and country at once on the map. The sporting success eludes the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu not. He shows off the players and find them a good example for the people. In honor of the heroes rather quickly after the game placed a memorial stone at the stadium.

Concurrent less
Many Dutch soccer fans are in mourning after the sporting debacle. But not everyone. Ajax takes that season as the second Dutch club participating in the European Cup. It's the season for it become champion. "It is our competitor less", said Ajax coach Rinus Michels dryly after the Rotterdam defeat. Largely by Johan Cruijff, Ajax allows that season for the second major success by Dutch Feyenoord to follow as best in Europe. En UT Arad? Going into the second round with a chance 6-1 beaten by Red Star Belgrade over two legs.

Annual sport 1970, with at 45:38 the images of Feyenoord – Students at UT Arad – Feyenoord.