Gitaarheld Jimi Hendrix treedt drie keer op in Nederland. Eén keer geeft hij een concert, in 1970 in Rotterdam. En er zijn ongeveer 2.500 people who can say they have been there.

Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix (links) and organizer Wim van Krimpen of the Hippy Happy Fair. Foto:

Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix (links) and organizer Wim van Krimpen of the Hippy Happy Fair. Foto:

The performance is part of the Hippy Happy Fair. Which show in the old hall Ahoy, on the site of the current Kunsthal, is organized by the then 26-year-old Wim van Krimpen, the later director of the Kunsthal.

"I was called a guileless, perhaps naive boy ", Van Krimpen says in retrospect. "I then had such courage to organize such an event."

Van Krimpen, despite his young age, already have experience in organizing trade fairs. He is responsible for Ahoy Indoor, one of the first property fairs in Netherlands. "But when there was a report of the famous advertising agency Prad", Van Krimpen continues. "It said that young people between 12 en 16 hundreds of millions spending on clothing and music. Then we thought how we could give it a beautiful event. "

Teens en twens
Van Krimpen comes up with the idea for the Happy Hippy fair, a scholarship for teenagers and for 'twens', as twentysomethings were then called. At the fair, everything is for sale. "But the main part though was the music", Van Krimpen continues. "Because it's fun though such grant, but young people do not orient. If I give my daughter money, she knows exactly what she wants. It's been a bit of a fallacy. "

(Polygoonjournaal 1967. Images of Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision)

Big names
The music part was a success. Van Krimpen joins forces with Paul Acket, the later founder of the North Sea Jazz Festival. "Every evening there was to be an artist on stage who had never been before in the Netherlands", says Van Krimpen. Came that way names like the Bee Gees, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine and The Kings to the Netherlands.

The news that the then rising star Hendrix comes to the Netherlands, goes like wildfire. The then 15-year-old Mieke van der Linden is one of the young people who go to the concert. "We knew, my sister and I, we had to go there ", she said more than forty years later. "Happy Hippy was a fair with all sorts of stalls. We had no interest. We came for Jimi. "

Does he or does he not
The posters are printed, but skeptics think the guitarist never gonna come. "I had a contract with him", says Van Krimpen. "If he had not come, I could not speak to him, but only his manager. And then walked through the courts of Barbados. "

Meanwhile, Van Krimpen, the amount of 12.000 gulden ("A huge sum in those days') already transferred. Then he gets a call from Polydor, the record of Hendrix. "Well Van Krimpen, who thinks you do not know who you are, they said ", says Van Krimpen. "He is not even for us to Netherlands. Why should you succeed. "But it is Jimi Hendrix.


Jimi Hendrix. Foto: Wikipedia

Jimi Hendrix. Foto: Wikipedia

The concert draws some 2.500 visitors each fl. 5,- pay to be there. "We were in the front row", says Van der Linden, as 15-year-old attended the concert. "We could almost touch him. He was fantastic. "

"At some point all the lights went on and came an announcement that it really was time to go home", says Van der Linden more. "That was announced by some woman, who feature in airports. But nobody listened, we neither. Hendrix responded with an 'I love you too' and continued to play. "

Van Krimpen get value for money. Voor de 12.000 guilders he paid for a performance by a half-hour by Jimi Hendrix, he eventually gets almost an hour. "It is wonderful how it has gone so", says Van Krimpen. "We were just a bit too early with. Because Hendrix was well known in fashionable circles in Amsterdam, but not many people knew beyond him. "

Deelder vs. Hendrix
But that story is not over yet. There is a persistent rumor, Hendrix after the concert accompanied the mayor of Rotterdam night Deelder. Hendrix would even have spent the night at Deelder.

Deelder and Hendrix would have met each other in Amsterdam, During an earlier visit by the guitarist in Netherlands. When Hendrix said he did not like Amsterdam, was a lasting friendship developed.

The two end up after the concert at home Deelder. There Jimi would have something on a note written; ultimate proof for the guitar legend visiting the home of Deelder. But that note is lost.

A documentary is being made on the night of Deelder and Hendrix, ‘Mind en Fancy’. A few years later, still on the note pops.