Followers football stadium and frequent visitors are aware of the expletive 'dog cock'. "Hi ha dog cock 'and' he is a … dog cock 'roles regularly from the stands. Former Feyenoord player Piet Romeijn has the dubious honor of being known as the inventor of the insult.

Romeijn and eddy pg gahetna

Eddy Pieters Graafland (links) and Piet Romeijn. Foto: Eric Koch (Anefo), Nationaal Archief.

Romeijn makes a solid right back to the glory days with Feyenoord. He plays on 1962 tot 1971 the Stadium Club. His list of several national championships and KNVB Cups. The two cherries on the cake of course the profit of the European Cup and the World Cup. The defender also plays several times for the Dutch national team. Yet these achievements seem to stand in stark contrast to his reputation as the man who introduced dog cock in Netherlands'. It all starts at 7 december 1969 with an away match against FC Twente.

On this frigid Sunday Feyenoord soccer in the snow against FC Twente. The contest runs for Rotterdam on the rush soggy pitch on deception. Feyenoord is better, but forgets to capitalize on many opportunities. Only once it is live ammunition by ove kindvall and that is not enough as FC Twente in the final minute evens.

The character Romeijn is so angry and disappointed about the goal against, upon the expiry referee Arie van Gemert somewhat sarcastically spits. "Thanks for the lead, dog cock ", hears the surprised leader. Van Gemert Romeijn the chance to apologize to him in the dressing room. The former longshoreman refuses. He just wants to say that he "ignoramus" and said no "dog cock '. Van Gemert there is not satisfied. "Then there's only one way possible", says the referee afterwards. Romeijn according rule 12 quoted from the KNVB regelementen for misconduct.

It is noteworthy that the Feyenoord few days after the incident tells a different story than Van Gemert. The newspaper publishes Limburgsch 10 December, an interview with Romeijn. He claims in that he just wanted to apologize, but there was no opportunity for. "Of course I was stupid. I should not have said ', the guilty right back let know. It was a moment of rashness. Even his wife agrees with him: "At home, he can always control himself."

Angry letters

Piet Romeijn in a duel with Ajax Piet Keizer. Foto: Eric Koch (Anefo). Nationaal Archief

Piet Romeijn in a duel with Ajax Piet Keizer. Foto: Eric Koch (Anefo). Nationaal Archief

The end of the sixties, compared to now a time with different values. Insulting a referee is not seen as a frivolous offense. But in the case of Romeijn notably calls the epithet "dog cock 'much resistance. Even so much, that no newspaper the day after the match, even quoting the statement of the 'cheeky' literally. The Telegraph speaks of "a term that is not suitable for publication." Explains Romeijn years later on the television program Voetbal International that he then letters, probably angry, received from people with a dog.

The Football Association eventually punish the defender with a fine of 350 gulden. Surprisingly enough, he does not match ban. Feyenoord also applies a penalty. The club publicly declares that the remark Romeijn can not pass muster. Feyenoord purports to further internally with the culprit down and Romeijn received a fine in all probability. It is not the first time that the player becomes discredited. The repeat offender was in his early years in Dutch youth team to 18 year already sent out the field. Romeijn went into 1965 in the wrong after he 'crass language' had been made against the author.

Not the only
Feyenoord has in 1969 / '70 a great season by winning the European Cup. Besides that it can play football great, Ernst Happel's team has players around your home that can give out physically and verbally. Romeijn is not the only one going that season beyond the pale. Willem van Hanegem and Theo Laseroms go their booklet sometimes beyond. And what about Henk Wery? A week after the match against FC Twente, he is sent off the field because of injury to insult against AZ'67. The striker is suspended for two games and must pay a fine of 300 gulden.

It is striking that Romeijn also in that game did something on a whim. He works during the race photographer Ed Lohman to the ground. He comes into the field because he wants to capture the incident around Wery. The photographer is an indictment Romeijn in because of maltreatment, but pulls it back in after Feyenoord and Romeijn offer their written apologies.

The brutal remark Romeijn raises the question of whether the footballer now has been such a language through which he introduced the term dog cock at the Dutch soccer. That is not true. De Telegraaf writes one day after the game that he make every yellowed with his expletive on the hit song in vogue supporters' hi ha, dog cock '. Without of course mentioning the genitals of a male dog. Perhaps Romeijn as the first term of abuse used it as a footballer, but he took advantage of a popular tune that sounded regularly since the stands.