It's Friday 26 november 1999. During the evening there is a massive police presence on the leg in the Millinxbuurt in Rotterdam-Charlois. Anyone on the street or in the neighborhood- or will be stopped by the police and searched. Also, cars are searched. Netherlands acquainted with preventive searches. Without exception, all people on the road at the turn. The journalists coming out.

Preventive fouilleeractie is an experiment. The 'triangle' of Mayor Opstelten, Chief Justice De Wit and police chief Lütken thus explores the limits of the law. Even Justice Minister Korthals is aware. The action Rotterdam wants the number (fire)reduce weapons.

stop and searchDrugs Quarter
The Millinxbuurt is a notorious drug area at that time. The district is heavily beat up hit and has a high crime rate. That is also reflected in the yield of the first preventive fouilleeractie in the district. In two hours are 31 arrests, five firearms seized and twelve battle- and stabbing weapons.

Two days later put Mevis professor of criminal law at Erasmus University questioned this action. He leaves at Radio Rijnmond know that it can not legally. Other criminal law scholars and lawyers reject it. If there is no individual suspicion, should not be frisked someone under them.

Second room
Rotterdam gets support in The Hague. A majority of the House supports the experiment. Veel Kamerleden vinden dat de politie te weinig bevoegdheden heeft om verboden wapenbezit aan te pakken.

In januari 2000 The Rotterdam court declared the massive illegal fouilleeractie. According to the court, the police are not authorized to surround a neighborhood and frisk residents, just because many weapons in the district are: ”

New law
CDA MP Van de Camp presents a legislative proposal. It is adopted by a large majority. The law goes on 1 september 2002 in. From that moment the mayor may designate an area for some time to "safety area". There may be preventive searched.

The first legal preventive fouilleeractie of Netherlands shortly thereafter in Rotterdam. Mayor Opstelten has 17 September announced that parts of the districts and the New West Middelland appointed to a safety area. That is going on 20 September and lasts a month. The New Binnenweg gets the scoop. Op 20 September, the police down at half past nine in the evening the area between Heemraadsplein and Rochussenstraat to check everyone for weapons. It takes fifteen minutes. Later in the night elsewhere on the New Binnenweg searched.