The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine commits in 1971 a terrorist attack in the field of oil company Gulf Oil in the Europoort. Nobody gets hurt, but the damage is large. Nearly a month after the attack be arrested several members of the Popular Front. It appears that they have placed their bomb in the wrong company.

Op 15 March broke out shortly after midnight fire at the tank farm of the American oil company Gulf by the Moezelweg. Two tanks 1500 explode tons of asphalt. Thereafter, the fire skips to a tank with 16.000 tonnes of fuel oil which also explodes. The flames are up to 20 kilometer distance to see. Huge clouds of smoke drifting on the New Waterway.

Gulf logo (Wikipedia)

Gulf logo (Wikipedia)

The brigade of Gulf collaborates with colleagues at ICI and BP Konam and the Municipality of Rotterdam fire department, Rozenburg and Oostvoorne. They receive during the extinguishing of the company's cook meatballs from Gulf. Rond 03.30 hours the fire under control.

Big Flop
The explosions on the Gulf-area are up in Vlaardingen, Maassluis and Hook of Holland to hear. They are reminiscent of the fire at Shell three years earlier in Hoogvliet. In which 'Big Flop', two people were killed and eighty people get hurt. But this time are killed no windows.

At the time of the fire, the cause is unclear. Possibly something went wrong with the supply line to the two asphalt tanks, thus creating a chain reaction. De schade is enorm. Experts estimate that Gulf for over two million guilders is duped. However, Gulf can remain in operation. The no eight-year-old refinery remained undamaged.

The police soon found on the premises iron splinters that are supposedly by plastic explosives are, and a piece of cardboard with the letters GLO Operation. The letters are cut out from an English newspaper. Police have no idea what the term stands.

What is clear is that there is sabotage in the game. Fire at Gulf Oil is an attack. Immediately get refineries and chemical companies in the Europoort and Botlek additional monitoring.

Evelyne Barge
The investigation into the attack is after a month deadlocked. Then Israel arrests three women who would carry out attacks on hotels in Tel Aviv. They wear underwear soaked nitroglycerin is. Their shoe heels and make-up cases are filled with explosive.

One of the women is 26-year-old Evelyne Barge. She is from Germany, but works as an English teacher in Paris. She confesses that she has participated in several attacks, including those by Gulf Oil in the Europoort.

Wrong company
Barge says no Gulf was the target, but the storage site of an Israeli company. But because of poor preparation come the bombs in the wrong spot visit.

The women belong to the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The French branch of the organization is headed by Mohammed Boudia, an Algerian Marxist. Barge refers to him as the mastermind behind the attacks.

Detectives in Dordrecht De Vries sends inspector to Israel to hear Barge. She tells him that she has ridden three Algerians and a Frenchman in the Europoort. After she dropped them off near Gulf she has run away. The attack, codenamed Operation GLO, would be prepared in two weeks. The execution took two days. The terrorists took a plastic explosive stuck to the line to the asphalt tanks that caused the fire.

De Vries said in an interview on 1 mei 1971 Barge has to regret. "The girl is deeply in trouble", zegt hij. He says that Barge did not act out of political conviction, but out of love for Boudia. Which is known, he decorated women and let them commit after attacks. He had previously Barge grenades and pistols smuggled from Beirut to Amsterdam. With those weapons on 6 september 1970 Boeing 747 Pan Am hijacked and blown up.

Barge In July into Israel. She gets 14 year jail sentence, maar al in 1974 she is released because of 'exemplary behavior'. Two years later they again arrested in France for plotting bombings.

The monitoring in the Rotterdam port area continues to sharpen some time after the attack in the Europoort. Just like everything is a bit forgotten, explodes in May 1972 the boiler house in the area of ​​Gulf Oil. The police would not rule immediately after the attack last year sabotage. Local residents claim that the company will shut down until the cause is clear. Terrorism appears to be no.

Israel also has not forgotten the attack. The alleged mastermind behind the sabotage at Gulf in 1973 assassinated by the Mossad in Paris.