SVV beleeft in seizoen 1989/90 een van de hoogtepunten in de clubhistorie. De Schiedamse voetbalvereniging promoveert na jaren weer naar de Eredivisie. Maar dat betekent ook meteen het einde van de vereniging.

“Trustfull met een prima pass en opnieuw gaat Simons op Smits af. Dit keer is het raak; 1-0. En 250 toeschouwers schreeuwen de kelen schor.”
(Stadstv Rotterdam, 18-5-1991)

De verslaggever krijgt een rondleiding in een vrijstaand huis in het Gelderse Putten. Het is het huis van Koos Rost, geboren Schiedammer en eigenaar van zijn ‘SVV-museum’, zoals het door anderen ook wel wordt genoemd. Rost stopt voor een grote foto aan het begin van de kamer. “Dit is hét hoogtepunt”, zegt hij. “De kampioensfoto van 1949. SVV was toen Nederlands kampioen na een overwinning op Heerenveen. In de Kuip. Voor, naar verluidt, 68.000 spectators.


SVV Schiedam (website SVV)

Folk Club
"SVV was a folk club", Rost explains. "A club from the district Schiedamse The Buntings, lying between the shipyards Wilton-Fijenoord and Gusto. So many guys at the club who worked in shipbuilding. "

The club eventually moved to sports Harga. The league is achieved twice, but not for long. In the 80s, as many professional football clubs are struggling, SVV also gets heavily to choose. The club is almost bankrupt, until car dealer John van Dijk is approached.

"He said he would step into the club, as it was then called ", says Rost. "Owe De? I'm not an accountant, but I assume he has repaid them. "

Van Dijk is the new chairman of SVV. There will be new players as Ab Plugboer, Marcel van der Net and the brothers Simons. In the second season under Van Dijk will really run and SVV champion of the First Division. The team promotes. Sense: "Whether the club was ready qua players? Ja. In terms accomendations ... not really. "

Sportpark Price
That's where the biggest problem in SVV. The property is just fit for the First Division, but in major competitions should already be migrated to Spangen in Rotterdam, home to Sparta. In the Eredivisie's play Harga already out of the question.

Van Dijk also recognizes that Harga is a strong impediment to lift the club to the next level. But a new stadium is not just there. "In addition, the Municipality of Schiedam was also not very helpful", says Rost. "The environment was not too happy with it. There was a neighborhood meeting in Bijdorp / Kethel to build a new stadium there. But the people there did not sit at all. "

De Kuip
But now it is the season 90/91 at the door. Van Dijk, which previously was sponsor at Feyenoord, , agree that SVV finishes its home matches at De Kuip. "Many people in Schiedam found that it was far too much for SVV", Rost goes further. "What are you doing in such a big stadium. Plus it was much too far away for most Schiedammers. That did not go over the river. "



The season starts with a 'home game' against Feyenoord. Ie SVV - Feyenoord in the Kuip. The stadium sits with 27.000 full of good people. It is right the best attended home game of SVV in club history. A great day for the treasurer, lacht Rost.

But then it deteriorates rapidly with the number of spectators. First they remain stabbing around 2.000. But if the winter is approaching and the cold also comes into play, then some only 500 tot 600 mensen. "With the low point at home against Roda JC", says Rost. "With no more 350 people in the stands. "



"For economic reasons but they have decided to open one compartment to the public", says club archivist Koos Rost. "Near the red chairs. Was pretty neat though. "

It is already clear that so long no longer can continue. KJV should merge to stay afloat. But who wants to be associated with the Schiedammers? Conversations with Sparta walk to nothing. And talks with Feyenoord walk wire.

Then comes the most exciting game of the season. SVV – Ajax. The Amsterdammers are in the championship battle level with PSV and not waste tip. Feyenoord also plays home, So KJV diverted to Spangenberg. "Already 15.000 mensen, but Ajax were mainly ", says Rost. "Halfway through the first half will Zier Tebbenhoff a goal. Those Amsterdammers thought 'it'll be alright', but it was not good. Certainly thanks to a superb save by Joop Hiele inde final minutes. "

The defeat is not Ajax, but PSV champion. But perhaps more importantly, SVV can survive by winning the Eredivisie. There are two games in the playoffs. NAC is defeated in two games. En and, op 22 juni 1991, comes as a clap of thunder in a clear sky:

dordrecht90_2SVV / Dordrecht'90
KJV continues as SVV / Dordrecht'90. Cees den Braven becomes Chairman, John van Dijk takes a seat on the board. The club will play the Krommedijk in Dordt.

"That was for us more or less a surprise", says Rost. "For many Schiedammers was thus it end of story. They were not quite to Dordrecht drive to see their club. The majority, at least not. It meant the end of the SVV-period, especially after the Mr.. Den Braven also ordered the removal of the name of SVV from the name. "

Rost has been taken up several times to think of what it had looked like SVV who had lost crucial match against Ajax. Sense: "Then we were relegated and we played in the First Division. Dan was a merger has not been necessary and had SVV sure yet exist. "